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All technicians are certified by the Applied Science Technologists and technicians of B.C. (ASTT). We have on call 24/7 technicians that will respond to a “Priority 1” emergency within one hour. We will follow up with you within 24 hours to update you on our findings. Ensuring the issue has been resolved and you are satisfied with the outcome.

Products and Services

Restaurant Fire Systems

Owning or managing a restaurant can already take up all of your time. Trust us to keep your employees and customers safe in an event of a fire.

Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service

There are many classes, sizes, and types of fire extinguishers. Agents used can include dry chemical, carbon dioxide, pressurized water/foam, dry powder, wet chemical, or clean agents. Sizes can scale from 5 lb to 20 lb.

Our large selection of classes, brands, and sizes of fire extinguishers paired with our experience will keep you ahead on your next project. Please feel free to call us for a free site visit to determine your needs.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting as well as exit signs are mandatory for public buildings in British Columbia. We can provide you with what is required for your building to make sure that your customers and your staff are safe in an event of an emergency.

Fire Alarm Systems

A properly working fire alarm can provide an early detection and warning of a potential fire in your property. This critical period not only provides an audible sound, but also can alert your local fire department. Our ASTTBC certified staff can install fire alarm systems and perform fire alarm inspections as required by NFPA and the B.C. Fire Code.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems provide active fire protection by directly discharging water over fire affected areas in your property. These systems are required to have inspections regularly. We can provide inspections across different types of sprinkler systems.

Backflow Prevention Systems

It is important to install backflow preventer systems into your water supply to prevent unwanted foreign particles into your water supply. We have qualified technicians to install these systems as well as perform annual inspections.

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